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RAINvolution in healthy food


Soul and Soul red - life energy

Extremely strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Daily dose of minerals and vitamins.

Core - natural detox

A supplement based on fruit and vegetable seeds that contains twenty times more nutrients than fruits and vegetables.

Bend - healthy and strong joints

A powerful product that promotes the health of your tendons, bones and joints.

Form - natural protein

Provides your body with readily digestible proteins and variety of nutrients.

Pure - healthy digestion

A natural probiotic with prebiotic helps digestion, boosts gut health and increases overall well-being.

Customer´s testemonials


Pumpkin seed

Did you know the pumpkin seed can help reduce intestinal inflammation? We did!
That’s why we included it in our all-natural probiotic, PURE. Taken once a day, PURE can help reduce inflammation in your gut, boosting nutrient absorption and promoting overall well-being.
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