Today, a housewife can make more money more than an accountant, lawyer or banker with her phone using a proven method. This is both amazing and phenomenal at the same time! I was fascinated with this opportunity and awakened by the desire to help the many people get out of the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and achieve more.
To make this happen, I have identified 5 important things to consider when choosing a partner company:

  1. The right company and founders;
  2. Market and product potential;
  3. Reward system;
  4. Support;
  5. Timing


I studied the company and the owners. I got to know their mission and decided that they wanted to contribute, and that they were not only driven by money (even though you can make a lot) but that behind all of their activities, there was a real and noble mission. It is fascinating to see the experts and researchers behind the company. What FURTHER convinced me is the fact that the company leaves nothing to chance: it owns the entire business process from production to sale.


It was also necessary to research the products from a business point of view. Together with our partners, we have concluded that there is a huge demand for these products in the world and that this demand is increasing. The company has no true competition, being the creator of the PRODUCT CATEGORY – SEED NUTRITION.
Besides, it was important to determine the products do work. Also, once the value of the product is recognized, the price is more than acceptable and, with the benefits provided by the company, are suitable even for mass consumption.
In this way, people can integrate products into their lives and make consumption a daily routine. This gives you continuous, constant revenue.


In network marketing, people often have the wrong expectation of making fast profits. Nevertheless, looking at the payout model, it is obvious that the company places a lot of emphasis on new partners and enables a decent profit margin from the outset. The payout is entirely based on productivity. If you are thinking of part-time work and lower-income, we have a simple plan that consists of 4 simple steps.
However, if you are thinking big and dream about financial freedom, like me, we have a great system for that as well. There is no limit to this reward system other than the result achieved, so you can earn as much as you want, and that depends entirely on you.


The company strongly supports partners who take their business seriously and are responsible for themselves and their business. There is a level of collaboration and consistency between the parent  company and its partners that I’ve never experienced before.


You can be the best hardworking person ever, but if you do the wrong things at the wrong time, the results will be diminished.
The healthcare industry is on the rise and network marketing is booming like never before.

Thanks to Facebook, other social networks, and ONLINE TOOLS, you can spread information faster today than ever before WITH THE WORLD!
We are currently introducing to the world the category that the vast majority of people do not yet know it even exists, and you are among the first to receive this information!
The current timing gives the best result in the shortest time: the company has been built, it is strong enough, there are enough references for the company and the products, it is available in enough countries – but the masses have not yet heard for us.


But for you to make money, you need to become a Rain Partner. And how to become a Rain Partner?

You become a Rain Partner by purchasing one of the available STARTER PAKs where you receive:

  • A WEB SITE that allows you to drive traffic to more than 50 countries just by using your phone;
  • A MOBILE APP that you can use to contact your potential customers and future partners;
  • virtual ONLINE OFFICE where you can monitor your business;
  • delivery of products to your customers, which is taken care of on your behalf by the company;
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE available in all languages;
  • training;
  • and full sponsor/mentor support.

By choosing any of these packages, you become a full member – a Rain Partner who can build the business from scratch and achieve as much as you want!

Each PAK has its benefits, but of course, the bigger pack is, you receive more benefits. And the great thing about it, there is no business model you can start your own business with this kind of startup capital – from only 174 to 3200 EUR!
Even the largest package costs less than starting up your own company.
As a business owner, you decide what you want to accomplish. We have partners around the world who are making more money than ever by simply sharing the power of the products with family and friends. Some make money to fill in the gaps in their home budget, pay off their loans, enjoy the desired vacation, while some enjoy true financial freedom.
People earn between $ 50 and $ 30,000 a week. And yes, the commission payout is made every week – without exception!

The company rewards every partner who builds his team properly through the so-called Rain Partner Teams – RPT. How does it reward us? So for every RPT – two that have two plus two customers, we get a box for free – up to 4 boxes for setting up 4 Rain Partner teams. But of course, when building teams, the company rewards us for other activities as well.

People who join the company as customers order products through your website. Each time they do, the company will reward you with a commission of 40% of the product’s point value. For example, every time you order Soul, you will be rewarded with $ 20. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can eliminate any risk for the customer.

2. You will receive between $ 20- $ 400 for new partners you bring to your team.
3. When the partners you enroll recruit new partners, you will also be rewarded as their mentor by receiving between $ 5 and $ 100.
4. You will earn 10% of the total sales of a smaller branch in your organization to unlimited depth.
5. You can earn between 5% and 10% of each team member’s average earnings each week.
6. You will receive a one-time rank advancement bonus between $ 30 and $ 250,000 every time you achieve a new rank.
7. For rank maintenance, a company rewards you a lifestyle bonus between $100 and $1000 per week.
8. You earn a bonus every time you bring every other member to your team.

In addition to money and products, a company can reward you and your family with paid vacations. Some of these trips so far have included destinations such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, Barcelona, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Opatija, Dubrovnik, Prague, Egypt, Salzburg, Sydney, Las Vegas, and others.

So the real question is:
The answer is YES!

It doesn’t matter what previous experience or education you have, or anything like that. The things that matter are:
• Do you have a desire to change your life?
• Can you commit to and are you ready to learn a few simple steps?
If YES, you can succeed with Rain International.
What we do is not complex at all, if the system is used.
The system works for everyone, wherever you are, whatever you do! IF YOU FOLLOW THE SYSTEM, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL!!! One of the reasons some people are not successful enough in network marketing is that they DO NOT use a SYSTEM that would work for them. We have an effective system that works for everyone who follows it consistently.

One of our mentors once said:

As not everyone is a talented speaker, lecturer or motivator. There are people today who are using a simple system, find new customers and partners every day, BY SIMPLY USING THEIR PHONE !!!
If you have a smartphone, the Internet and are willing to learn, you can follow a step-by-step system that will work for you as it does for many others. There are no boundaries in this business. The only limits are those you set yourself!

This brings us to a close of our idea-sharing today. I can’t express enough how thankful I am for every person who joined us and received this information, and to see that you are interested in a better lifestyle. I invite you to contact the person who shared the link with you to join us after closing our meeting. If you have no further questions, they will show you how to get your business started.
Most people want to improve something in their lives. And they delay. The right time to change is NOW!

And the real question is, if not this, then what? If not now, then when?


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