Notice to customers and partners who pay for their products with a bank deposit

You can make a bank deposit in several ways
– payment by internet banking
– payment by foreign currency transaction and deposit in the bank
– by paying through the online payment platform, one of these is Transferwise, which is also the most favorable and through which you can pay by credit and debit cards directly to the Rain Int account

At the end of your order, you will receive instructions on further steps on how to obtain payment information, and we repeat them here just in case. You will also receive your ID number and order number, which is important to include in the payment description in order to link payments and initiate the product delivery process.

Payment details are
To: Rain International KFT
References: your order number
IBAN: BE37 9670 1841 6828
Bank address: Square de Meeus 38 bte 40, Brussels 1000, Belgium

For our customers and partners, support is also available at shop@rainforsoul.com and telephone support at +385955223702

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