Gpeed up the regeneration

Rain Soul is a dietary supplement based exclusively on seeds, which has greatly shaken the situation on the current market with a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Black cumin seeds, chardonnay grape seeds, black raspberry seeds and D-ribose are extremely useful and rich in nutrients, but when combined, their effectiveness is multiplied. Meet the most powerful antioxidant, anti-aging, and most powerful anti-inflammatory product on the market.


Weight loss. Heart health. Mental ability.

This heart-healthy supplement was formulated with a five-tier benefit system. All-natural ingredients fight inflammation, support healthy heart function, boost immunities, improve overall circulation, and provide long-lasting energy. Two ounces a day really will keep the doctor away.


Full Body Detox

Say goodbye to green smoothies and hello to CORE. Scientifically formulated, CORE packs nutrients in just one, easy-sip pouch. 1oz of this green-based powerhouse detoxifies your body, boosts immunities, provides essential vitamins and minerals, and reduces inflammation. Getting your greens has never been easier.


Flexibility Rediscovered

Formulated specifically to aid and support your joints. BEND takes an all-natural approach at joint health and addresses your body’s issues, rather than masking them. Its scientifically-backed formula rebuilds cartilage, reduces joint inflammation, and energizes movement sources. It truly is youth in a pouch.


Prirodni proteini bazirani na sjemenkama.

New and improved plant-based protein is better than ever. Now in single servings, full chia seeds, and has BCAA. We’ve formulated this supplement with superfoods, power-packed protein, and seed-powered recovery agents, making FORM the most effective post or pre-workout powder available. Build, bulk, or tone with just one scoop of FORM each day. 20g of protein in each serving.


For happy gut.

We designed PURE specifically for your stomach. A proprietary blend of pre and probiotics work in harmony to improve gut health, aid digestion, and reduce bloat. We also added seed-based and other natural ingredients to reduce inflammation in your stomach, ensuring an overall sense of wellbeing and health. A happy gut means a happier you.  


Food for your brain.

BRYT is specially formulated to provide your brain with the nutrients it needs to function at its peak. Our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients work synergistically to enhance cognition, improve memory, boost creative thinking, and increase neuron activity. It’s brain food that’s seed-based, which makes it better.


Erases signs of aging

This is skin care like you’ve never experienced. Revri is all-natural, seed-powered, and designed to work with the biology of your skin to help your skin look younger and feel healthier. Our daily, three-step regimen purifies, regenerates, and deeply moisturizes your skin to promote cellular turnover and natural glow.