Antioxidants seems to be the buzzword of the year… Maybe the last five years, actually. The experts tell you to drink your wine, eat your grapes, sip this drink, and eat that food because you need your daily antioxidants!

They’re right, of course. But, why? And what are antioxidants exactly? Let’s delve into these questions (and more) in this week’s blog post! 


Antioxidants, as defined by the dictionary, are “a substance that inhibits oxidation… in living organisms.” These substances (antioxidants) have the power to remove harmful substances that exist within or are introduced environmentally to the body.

These antioxidants fight “free radicals” or “molecules produced when your body breaks down food or when you’re exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation.” To put it another way: antioxidants fight off environmental threats that can and do harm your body. 


In order to understand why antioxidants are so important, we need to understand what our bodies are up against. The term “oxidation” was used in the last section. We all know what oxidation can rust and deteriorate metals, but what can it do inside our body? 

According to Healthline, “oxidative stress can damage cells, proteins, and DNA, which can contribute to aging.” This stress can also contribute to injury, fatigue, lowered immune responses, and more. 

These oxidative threats exist all around us. In the processed foods we eat, in the polluted air we breath, in the low-quality water we drink. We can try to eat as cleanly as possible, but these threats are almost unavoidable and always have negative repercussions to our overall health. 

So, the more we utilize antioxidant-heavy foods in our diet, the better our bodies will be at ridding these threats to not only live well, but thrive!


We all know some of the basic, antioxidant-filled foods: grapes, wine, blueberries. But, we would do well do diversify our diet with these foods that are also antioxidant-rich:

-Dark Chocolate





-Red Cabbage

We at Rain International make it our priority to create products that have a super dense antioxidant profile. In fact, because many of our products are sourced directly from seed oils, we boast a higher antioxidant profile per-part than the leading antioxidant-heavy foods. Our products like:





Have higher antioxidant levels per ounce that almost anything you can find! They’re all natural, scientifically proven, and help fight oxidative damage and the ailments that come along with it. 

So, get your antioxidants, and check out our products that help you do that cleanly and easily!