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Zašto su nam potrebne proutu

Zašto su nam potrebne proutuupalne namirnice u prehrani

We put our bodies through a lot each and every day. Stress, exercise, environmental threats, poor eating choices, lack of sleep and more contribute to the strain our bodies combat. Now, understand that your body is well-equipped to deal with these sorts of stresses over short periods of time. But, if we continue to put […]

Apsolutna moć antioksidansa

Apsolutna moć antioksidansa

Antioxidants seems to be the buzzword of the year… Maybe the last five years, actually. The experts tell you to drink your wine, eat your grapes, sip this drink, and eat that food because you need your daily antioxidants! They’re right, of course. But, why? And what are antioxidants exactly? Let’s delve into these questions […]