The product we present to you is a product of fifty years of experience in the treatment of children suffering from cancer and leukemia. Dr. Arnold S. Leonard and his 20 years of clinical research. The Foundation, which bears his name and researches cancerous diseases in children, has been a leader in research into these diseases at the University of Minnesota for 20 years.
Dr. Arnold S. Leonard publishes all his research in various scientific journals and medical manuals. He is a leading physician in this field at various academies, and a lecturer at scientific conferences.
His research includes finding ways to get children back on “their feet” after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and how to enable them to restore and preserve their health in the shortest period of time. Many years of research by Dr. Arnold S. Leonard have been fruitful. saw the world a RAIN product called SOUL, made from natural and licensed microstrates and ingredients.


The product is the result of a truly revolutionary approach. It has never happened in the history of the production of dietary supplements or supplements that their seeds are used instead of fruits and plants. Many years of research by Dr. Leonard have led to the conclusion that cold pressed seed oils contain more active substances (eg antioxidants) even up to 30-40 times more than in fruits or plants themselves.


  • Protect cells
  • They reduce the risk of free radical disease
  • They lined the walls of cells
  • The diets are varied

Rain products are not medicine, but FUNCTIONAL FOOD.

These functional foods work at the cellular level. (Malnourished and energy poor cells do not fulfill their functions, they become sensitive and an organism disease occurs).

SOUL contains licensed ingredients that boost the body’s ability to generate energy and slow down aging. In addition, it helps the immune system function and has a positive effect on blood vessels.

SOUL contains antioxidant substances that help the body fight free radicals and reduce the risk of inflammatory processes, which are the main cause of chronic diseases and cell malfunctions.

Very importantly, it is manufactured with COLD PRESSING technology!

It is extremely important to note that cooking oils are converted to saturated fatty acids. Therefore, refined oils of sunflower, corn, etc. should not be heated above 50oC because they become toxic to the body.



After the clinical research, SOUL showed the following results:

  • SOUL contains a high level of antioxidants, helps in the treatment of chronic diseases, helps in the elimination of various inflammatory processes, strengthens the body’s immunity, increases the energy level of cells and thus slows aging.
  • Antioxidant (neutralizes free radicals) has 40 times more potency than Vitamin C, and 50 times potency than Vitamin E.
  • SOUL has clinically proven benefits: very high levels of antioxidants, (17,980 ORAC in a 57.6ml bag) that help fight all chronic and other diseases.